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Snippet of the Month: Flight MH370

NewsSnippetJune14Much has been seen recently in the news about the mysterious disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370, and I am sure we all offer our condolences to the families of all those on board.

We are used to being able to contact our loved ones pretty much whenever we want – via a phone call, or with the click of a mouse. Even when travelling, we are able to track their movements using applications on mobile phones, i-pads, or by keeping track of the flight path on a computer. It seems unbelievable that even with all this technology, a modern aircraft, along with all its passengers has disappeared, missing without trace.

Thoughts about the whereabouts of the aircraft changed on a daily basis initially, as the focus of the search was moved from one locality to another, before eventually settling on a large area of the Indian Ocean, about 1000 miles west of Australia, where signals thought to be from the aircraft’s black box have apparently been heard. Even if the aircraft is found, the recovery of the black box will not be an easy task, and it may not hold all the answers. Sadly, investigators may never fully understand why this aircraft disappeared.

The Indian Ocean is the third largest ocean in the world, containing about 20% of the total water on the surface of the planet. It covers a huge portion of the earth, stretching from the Red Sea down to Antarctica, and from the tip of South Africa all the way across to Australia. Much of this ocean has never been properly explored or mapped, and is subject to extreme weather conditions. The news articles leave us in no doubt of the massive search area, and the many difficulties for those involved in the search for any clues.

It reminded me that we are so very small and insignificant when compared to the vast open spaces of this earth. No matter who we are in society, and despite all the modern advances and hi-tech communications systems, we are but a speck on the face of this earth.

Contrast this with our God. He is so huge and powerful. He arranged the galaxies, the stars, the planets; organised and populated this world.

The world can sometimes seem quite small. We can travel anywhere in a relatively short time, are able to stay in touch with loved ones and conduct business anywhere – at the touch of a button. Perhaps this tragic incident might remind us of just how little we really know about this world, and that even our best efforts are nothing compared to God.

Despite being so huge and powerful, God is concerned for each one of us. It’s comforting to read in his Word that God knows our every thought; there is nowhere we can go without his presence. If we climb up to the top of a mountain or down to the depths of the sea, he is still with us.

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