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Snippet of the Month: Communication

SocialMedia_sliderNowadays there are so many fantastic ways we can relate to and communicate with friends and people we know. I suppose the method we choose to communicate with different people depends on how well we know them or trust them.

Talking, writing, email, texting, skyping and Facebook are all ways we can talk to friends. Some of us choose to share the little details of our lives via Facebook, and love to see what everybody else is up to. If you are a recluse like me you may choose to reserve those details for only a few select friends. Maybe that’s because I don’t trust everyone!

I feel sure that God has made us to have friends and to enjoy sharing with them. When he made Adam he must have been looking forward to talking with him and enjoying his companionship. What a disappointing thing to discover Adam trying to hide away from him because he knew he had done wrong and that he had broken the trust between friends.

God made people because he wanted a beautiful relationship with them, one based on trust and love and loyalty. When our friends disapprove of things we do, they sometimes turn against us and just can’t forgive us. When we’re ashamed of ourselves we stop confiding in our friends. And sometimes too we feel that even God wouldn’t understand or like us because of what we’ve done.

I wonder if God feels left out of our lives, forgotten about, not loved. He made us so we could be his friends, so why do we not trust him like one? Maybe we don’t want to trust him with letting him know everything about us. He knows all about us anyway! Is he just a friend we turn to when we are at our wit’s end and things are all going wrong for us? That’s ok but he would love us to share with him all the happy times too, just like we do with our other best friends. In fact he can help us to get over the grudges we hold against people, help us to forgive them because he’s so great at forgiving us.

Try talking to God – he would love that. He’s absolutely the best friend you will ever have!

James chapter 4 verse 8: “Come near to God and he will come near to you.

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