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About the Churches of God A factual summary detailing the origin, development, beliefs and practice of Churches of God today.
Are We Missing Something? Is it possible for a Christian to be in the Body of Christ but not  be in the house of God today? Is it possible for a church of Christians not to be a church of God? Is it possible for Christian worship to miss the mark? The purpose of this book is to examine and explore the divine pattern of God’s House, God’s Church and True Worship in Christianity today.
Eternal Security One of the concerns and doubts that can plague a Christian is that, although he has been saved by the work of Christ, if he falls away and loses his love for the Lord, he will be eternally lost. That is, he may be saved one day and lost the next’. If this were true, it would surely be better for him to be ushered into eternity while he is still in the state of being saved. But is it true? Can that belief be supported from the Scriptures? A series of web pages, extracted from a book by Alan Toms, set about tacking these issues.
Scriptural Light on Spiritual Gifts A series of web pages, extracted from George Prasher’s short booklet on the gifts of the Spirit as outlined in the new testament.
Where is God’s House Today? Our question is not about the Father’s house in Heaven. Everyone who knows Christ as Saviour is assured of a place in His Father’s house in Heaven. The prospect is glorious. Rather our question is about God’s house on earth, about which the Bible has so much to say. We cannot read our Bibles without coming to that conclusion, for again and again God speaks in His word about His house.The principle of God’s House on earth is a key part of Old Testament teaching, but how does this fit into Christianity today? This book links new testament teaching with key examples from the old testament in order to answer this question.
Why Worship in a Church of God? Many of my Christian friends have asked me why I left the church, with which I and my parents before me were associated, to join a Church of God. My plain answer to them has invariably been: “Because I wanted to worship God in the way He lays down in His Word.” This short booklet explains exactly what that means.

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